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Dietitian, RD, LD


Brianna is eager to help people improve their health by using the power of food as medicine. With her background and education in medical nutrition therapy, she delves into the root causes of digestive discomforts, nutrition obstacles, and disease processes. Drawing from a blend of traditional and alternative therapies, Brianna creates individualized, holistic nutrition plans that enhance your health, while allowing you to indulge in delicious food.


Individual Nutrition Counseling
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As a registered and licensed dietitian, Brianna aims to center the mind and body with the power of the diet. Brianna provides medical nutrition therapy for a wide range of issues including hypertension, weight management, acid reflux, prenatal health, chronic disease prevention and management, autoimmune conditions, IBS, stress reduction, safe supplement use, meal preparation, and recipe development.

Whether you suffer from digestive discomfort, food allergies, inflammation, constipation, diabetes or chronic fatigue, or you simply wish to move toward a more mindful approach to healthy eating, Brianna will guide you along the way. She will work with you to master the art of self care so you can build a healthy relationship with food and your body.

When she’s not consumed with the world of food and nutrition, Brianna unwinds by practicing meditation and yoga, as well as gardening, reading, thrifting, and trying new recipes.

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